June 23, 2021

Human bonds

Human bonds are complicated. No instruction manual guarantees their success, but neither is there an absolute system that will distinguish right from wrong before they are created. Some will be weak and break easily, while others are strong and last for years. Some bonds are created in an instant without us realizing it, while others take a long time to mature. Undoubtedly, those that change according to the seasons exist, or they are built to serve a purpose. Regardless of its type though, every bond we make during our lifetime is unique.

From the moment we first open our eyes, we have already secured the first bond. The people who are by our side at that time will prove to be the most important because the bond that unites us with them is that of blood. Then, the time we will share with them will determine the evolution of our relationship. If it ends early, the bond will weaken, but won’t be entirely lost. On the other hand, if we remain united, this relationship will flourish and rightly be called family. The family bond is ultimately invaluable and worth keeping as a treasure. But, even the bond itself does not guarantee that it will last forever.

And, as time goes on, we meet more and more people on our way. At school, the first depiction of society in which we become members, friendships, dislikes, loves, and acquaintances are created. And so, bonds are created, most of which are accompanied by expiration dates, while leaving their mark on our memory. However, this process does not stop at a young age. Even when we grow up, we continue to have relationships with people, professional, friendly, hostile, marital, and many more. Slightly different, a little more mature, and with a varying scale of influence, which sometimes can be honest, while other times they can serve diverging interests. But their effect will have the same intensity as all the previous ones.

Still, what do all the above relations have in common? And in the end, how can we lay the foundations so that they never break? First of all, if we want our relationship to be moral, we usually seek ideals such as trust, honesty, and acceptance. This may constitute a classic answer, but reality has more to do with the character and motivations of every person, as well as the people in front of us. As far as their preservation is concerned, this is the most complicated part. There is no easy way, just hard work, notably because the relationship involves two different human beings with unique mindsets and values. To meet in the middle will require compromises and devotion and surely, beautiful moments.

However, despite the difficulties we seem to encounter in building bonds, no one can live by themselves. And indeed, all the value and enthusiasm are hidden in these very difficulties. Because the steeper a path is, the more it is worth walking. All experiences, good or bad, can make us stronger and more capable of maintaining our precious bonds.

Translated by Toliopoulou Chrysoula Reviewed by Panagiota Katsaveli

Photography by Sotiris Stamatiou

Marikleia Manoli

I was born on an autumn morning of the new millennium and from the first moment I opened my eyes I had great curiosity about the world. Timid on the surface, enthusiastic to the core. I am one of those people who are untouched by pressure but killed by their inaction. I want to discover something new every day, whether that is an alley in Ladadika or a coast in Malaysia.

Chrysoula Toliopoulou (she/her)

A 20 year old optimist who is constantly striving to improve herself. I live by travelling, looking at the sky and observing my surroundings. Nature and space enthusiast, with grand affection towards the environment and any form of art but especially music! Gaining courage by volunteering and petting dogs! Also learning foreign languages in my free time but still struggle to communicate with people sometimes.

Panagiota Katsaveli (she/her)

A proud Hufflepuff with a major sweet tooth and extreme curiosity about the world. Born and raised in Kilkis, but her imagination has convinced her that she has lived in every corner of the world. Spends most of her free time watching TV shows, simultaneously adopting the personality traits and behavior of her favorite characters. Her attitude towards life is Fake it till you Make it.

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