According to Aristotelian philosophy, Eudaemonia is the highest good in our lives, also being a regulator of human behaviour. The concept of Eudaemonia contains an eventual continuity of actions that hold the transition from potential to active being. Eudaemonia defines our constant personal development and the comprehension of ourselves, while being a distinct concept of that of happiness, as a synonym of completion, according to ancient Greeks. Eudaemonia, anyway, draws its meaning and its dynamics from the “teleological” philosophy, so the achieving of happiness through the “absence of pain” isn’t the aim according to hedonistic philosophers, but the completion of every personal target is. In a more modern and allegorical approach for us, the team of TEDxAUTH, Eudaemonia describes a human achievement, personal liberation, achieved through a constant and gradual attempt. TEDxAUTH 2021 talks will figuratively express the process of achieving a personal “Eudaemonia,” proving that human potential is, at last, enough for the conquest of the highest good, and that the ability to overcome social and cultural stereotypes is innate within all of us, manifested in various aspects of our lives. Based on the notion of the highest purpose of Eudaemonia, we are inspired by everyday people that embodied social change and personal completion in an attempt to inspire our own personal revolution.


The Carrot Tards


Marily Mitropoulou
Giannis Katinakis
Anna Papageorgiou
Niki Alexandrou
Vassilis Karanassos
Constantina Theofanopoulou
Antonis Vavagiannis


Markos Korvesis
Alexandra Diona


Infinite Route

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❌ Ταξίδι, λοιπόν, η Ευδαιμονία και απαιτεί αγώνα. Αγώνα να ξεπεράσεις τα όρια και τους φόβους σου. Πιάσε το ξίφος σου με σθένος, ζωγράφισε το πιο όμορφο χαμόγελο στο πρόσωπό σου και χόρεψε στο μονοπάτι της ζωής μέχρι να κατακτήσεις τη δική σου κορυφή! Κι αν τελικά στο ταξίδι που λέγεται Ευδαιμονί...


Η ανακοίνωση του θέματος για το φετινό TEDxAUTH 2021. Σύμφωνα με την Αριστοτελική φιλοσοφία η Eυδαιμονία αποτελεί το ύψιστο αγαθό στη ζωή μας και έναν ρυθμιστή της συμπεριφοράς του ανθρώπου. Η έννοια της Ευδαιμονίας ενέχει μία νομοτελειακή συνέχεια πράξεων που συντελούν την μετάβαση από το εν δυνάμ...

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TEDxAUTH | Homecasts E04 - Φρόσω Φωτεινάκη & Νίκος Γκούβας

Η ψυχική υγεία είναι ένα μείζον θέμα στις μέρες μας. Και είναι μείζον όχι απλώς λόγω της πανδημίας , αλλά επειδή όλο και πιο συχνά ακούμε για ανθρώπους που πάσχουν από ψυχικές διαταραχές, οι οποίες έχουν άμεσο αντίκτυπο στην καθημερινότητά τους. Την ίδια στιγμή, πολλοί είναι αυτοί που δυσκολεύονται ...

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“Every man is his own chief enemy”

Yet another night comes, only to find me burning the midnight oil in a tight rope between obsessions and overreactions. My mind has turned disturbing. I give in, transforming into a pawn among them. I give in and surrender with no hesitation, no second thoughts, no restraints. An incriminating fing...

Did Snow White suffer from Resignation Syndrome?

For the last 15 years in Sweden, millions of refugee children with traumatic experiences have been affected by the Resignation Syndrome. It’s a state of worldly withdrawal resembling a coma that can sometimes last for years. During the first stage, the children with Resignation Syndrome stop talkin...

Resilience: our shield against adversities

During the modern times of uncertainty, rapidity and interminable as well as bottomless changes, a sense of insecurity is often created. The technological complexity, the existing socio-economic problems of contemporary society and the unexpected incidents that arise, provoke upheavals and complicat...

Book Recommendation: Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

"A young woman is trying to rob a bank. To escape arrest, she enters an apartment for sale and holds hostages everyone there: the over-enthusiastic real estate agent, a retired couple renovating and selling apartments to fill the gap in their marriage, two girls who quarrel about everything all the ...

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